Our history

Our ancestors are originally from Marche region and no one ever dedicated themselves to the food industry. The first was Giovanni Francalancia Vivanti Siebzehner, who in 2007 purchased the biscuit factory that has been producing Fortini® biscuits since the early 90s.

Giovanni devoted himself body and soul to the production of biscuits, creating some of the most popular flavors. After difficult years, in 2015 his son Riccardo joined the company, dedicating himself to commercial development.

Today the Fortini® are family-run again and a new course has started, halfway between manual production and modernity.

How we prepare the cookies

The Fortini® short pastry is preparated slowly and delicately, using only centrifuge butter, flour, sugar and eggy yolk.

Fortini® are produced as they once were, that’s why we continue to roll them by hand, without the help of machinery or molds.

After rolling, Fortini® are cooled for 24 hours, cut and the cooked in the oven.

After cooking Fortini® are cooled to room temperature and finally packed one by one in single portion.