Fortini® handmade cookies

Roll up and packaged one by one.

We do not use preservatives, antioxidants, emulsifiers or other food additives.

Phone:      (+39) 0584 792711
Address:  Via della Sipe 10
City:  Pietrasanta (LU)



What do we do:

hand rolled and packaged one by one.

We produce the Fortini short pastry with a kneading machine with ``plunging arms``, which massages the dough without stressing it, and we roll it by hand as it once was. After a long rest (even 24 hours) in the refrigerating room and the right cooking we package the biscuits one to one to guarantee them a long shelf life (up to 6 months).

Our contacts

I Fortini - Handmade cookies

Via della Sipe 10, 55045 Pietrasanta (LU)

(+ 39) 0584 792711

About us

We reinvented ourselves as artisans

Our ancestors are originally from Marche region and no one ever dedicated themselves to the food industry. The first was Giovanni Francalancia Vivanti Siebzehner, who in 2007 purchased the biscuit factory that has been producing Fortini® biscuits since the early 90s. Giovanni devoted himself body and soul to the production of biscuits, creating some of the most popular flavors. After difficult years, in 2015 his son Riccardo joined the company, dedicating himself to commercial development. Today the Fortini® are family-run again and a new course has started, halfway between manual production and modernity.


The secret of Fortini.

Our short pastry is the result of a patient search and endless testing to the perfect balance between ingredients, making it unique. To knead it we use one of the best centrifuged butter in Europe, sugar, real egg yolks and italian 00 wheat flour. No preservatives, no antioxidant, no emulsifiers and no others food additives.

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